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  • Reviewed On Mar 28, 2018
    Million Dollar Bacon-3.5 oz Bag
    Million Dollar Bacon-3.5 oz Bag

    Thick. Bold. Smoky.

    Savor the flavor with this premium cut of meat and pair with a glass of peaty scotch or smoked beer. Expect about 3 pieces of bacon per pack.

  • Reviewed On Mar 25, 2018
    Cajun Beef Jerky- 1/4 Lb Pack
    Cajun Beef Jerky- 1/4 Lb Pack

    Great flavor and moisture

    This jerky was fantastic with subtle but tasty flavor. It is not very spicy, so all can enjoy it. Crazy Horse has just the right amount of tenderness without being oily or greasy. If you want a nice treat for you or the family, this is a great option.

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